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Why we started Mitibase

Our vision is to bring relationship intelligence to the world because every opportunity begins with a relationship.

Relationships are the foundation of all industries. Virtually no dollar is spent without a relationship behind it – Almost all opportunities, successful deals, investments, and sales can be traced in some way back to a relationship. We are building a data infrastructure to power all applications and tools with automated relationship intelligence.

Organizations have some of the largest networks in the world. The organization’s collective network is far more than just customers, vendors, and prospects. It involves networks of all the employees, management team, board, investors, advisors, clients, vendors, and partners.
Unfortunately, only 10% of your network is visible to you, and 90% of it remains undiscovered.
Our relationships are always moving and growing, so constantly staying on top of all the data is crucial.

The relationship data infrastructure is broken and failing.

But data related to networks and relationships are scattered, siloed, not intelligently linked, and not entirely visible. Traditional solutions like CRMs aren’t designed to effectively manage and track this network of relationships. Many unknown but already existing relationships are relevant to us that we just don’t know we should be searching for. People rely heavily on memory, guesswork, and manual attempts for network research. Because of this, they miss out on key opportunities they should have captured while also wasting time searching for intel that should have been at their fingertips.

An under-utilized asset.

Mitibase’s thesis is that these problems can be solved by tapping into data streams that everyone knows, Still, no one is thinking about it in a holistic, connected, and contextualized fashion.

Today enterprise relationships data lives inside our communication streams like email and calendars, CRMs, and in the public domain like news portals, company websites, social media, etc. This data paints the most profound picture of our relationships. Unfortunately, this relationship information is incomplete, complex, and not easily retrievable. And most of it goes to waste due to a lack of credible intelligence hidden in it. But these data sources can be stitched together with a rich business social graph.

Mitibase is a tech company on a mission to organize and democratize the world’s relationship knowledge. Mitibase is building an advanced data infrastructure for syncing, mapping, and understanding relationship data from communication streams, social networks, CRMs, and publicly available data.

By organizing, contextualizing, and learning from this data, we develop tools and applications to harness relationship intelligence.
We are very excited about the possibilities and potential.
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Meet our Founder

Satish Patil, PhD

Founder & CEO

Satish Patil, an entrepreneur with a successful exit, comes with a strong background with more than 11 years of experience in building and delivering products and solutions using artificial intelligence and machine learning to global customers. Satish holds a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, USA, and a B.Tech from the University of Mumbai.

Satish was the Founder & CEO of Crysagi Systems, a data science services company acquired by CoreView Systems Pvt Ltd. Currently, Satish is the Founder and CEO of Mitibase – A relationship intelligence platform company. Mitibase helps organizations discover and harness their far-reaching collective network. At Mitibase, Satish guides the vision and mission of the company and supports a team of passionate engineers. Satish is constantly sought after by startups, entrepreneurs, and investment ecosystems for advice and mentorship.


We are building the future of relationship intelligence and we want you to be a part of it. If you are ready to help us innovate on the future of relationship discovery and management and want to be constantly learning alongside some incredible peers, join us! We offer competitive benefits and flexible time off. Invest in your future with Mitibase.

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