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There are a number of tools being developed for Venture Capitalists (VCs) — especially for tracking and managing their deal flows. However, these tools are built to focus on the transactional aspects but not the relationships which drive the deals.

Venture Capitalists need a platform that not only automates, standardises, and optimises their deal-making process, but also increase their effectiveness by making the most of their relationship network. Without this, Venture Capitalist and their teams can lose track of valuable data, waste time on the least fit orelapportunity or worse, let the good ones slip through the cracks. 

Conversion rates are usually low, considering that VCs connect with hundreds or maybe thousands of startups that show potential each year. But it is not just the number of deals. Quality matters too. The quality of the deals in the pipeline is an indicator of the firm’s health, and the quality of your network/ relationships determines the quality of your deals.

By leveraging relationship intelligence technology through Mitibase, VCs can leverage their reach and strength of personal and professional network for lucrative opportunities. They can also minimise the risk of relationship loss or damage to the firm. 

All customer data in one central location

Tracking the closure of deals is a complex process, and having data at multiple locations can make it even more difficult. For a seamless deal flow process, everything about a prospect or lead needs to be accessible from one place — communications, contact information, customer history, etc. 

When every member of the team who interacts with the customer has the necessary information at their fingertips, they can make informed decisions on how to provide that customer with a good customer experience. They need a platform that can automatically capture and update data, and also able to rely on that data for standardising processes.

Centralise the inbound flow

Inbound deals can come from different sources —portfolio companies, third-party data sources, other investors, funding events, and even through the VC firm’s existing network relationships. 

Mitibase can manage all the communications and activities for establishing, maintaining and growing these relationships. The platform can also show you people in the network who can help you get a warm introduction to a particular prospect. This can impact the firm’s deal flow management, and also the ability of the firm to withstand market fluctuations.

Close gaps in customer communication

Standard Venture capital CRM platforms can’t ensure that an organisation has the right strategy for customer interactions. Relationship intelligence, on the other hand, can help optimise your deal flow pipeline by acting on data captured in a more meaningful way. 

A platform like Mitibase eliminates data silos so everyone on your team can stay up to date on your customer’s journey. The platform records all the interactions with a customer, which can be used to deliver highly-personalised messages.

Revisit startups that you might have passed on

VCs usually pass off on many startups, even the ones with great potential because the timing doesn’t feel right. Mitibase can help VCs keep an eye on these startups — the platform records all of your touchpoints to ensure high visibility of important connections and to help  VCs revisit a potential deal with AI based relationship intelligence. 

Furthermore, maintaining strong relationships with the startup executives can open pathways to other potential opportunities. It can help discover emerging trends — even if the deal didn’t go through. This is critical for maintaining the quality of the deal flow.

Why VCs need Mitibase for managing their deal flow

Unlike standard Venture capital CRM platforms, Mitibase can free up your team from hundreds of hours of manual data entry. Your team can spend the time saved on sourcing deals, establishing and nurturing relationships, and on raising funds. 

With Mitibase, you gain end-to-end visibility of your pipeline. You can analyse every relationship across your firm’s collective network and instantly determine the best path to your next deal via a warm introduction.

Talk to one of our team members today, to learn more about how relationship intelligence can help your firm optimise your deal flow.

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