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The Problem

A US-based mid-size fintech company was interested in finding the best way to discover and gain deeper visibility into its collective relationships. The team tried several tools and solutions in the past but with limited success.

Their relationship network was spread well beyond their customer and partners, and visibility was nonexistent. And they were spending close to 8+ hours per week per person logging contact and relationship data manually every day. As a result, their collaboration efforts were not effective.

8+ hours

man-hours saved per week per person

The Solution

This fintech company turned to Mitibase for its automation-driven -capabilities with advanced visualization features. As a result, Mitibase is now ingrained in the daily workflow and is being used to track relationships and opportunities.

They could save time by automating their data entry processes and creating cross-team visibility with up-to-date records. With Mitibase, they democratize and harness their executive network without manual input. With the intel like who knows who and who has the strongest relationships, the company has better coordination and information management

Mitibase has become a daily tool that is integrated in our workflow. When I am connecting with someone, knowing if anyone at my company already has a solid relationship or has recently connected with them is key. I get rich insights and data for better outreach and collaboration

– President, A US-based mid-size fintech company

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