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Get an unfair advantage with relationship intel

Turbocharge Market and Investment Research

What are the biggest and best opportunities for you to focus on?

We combine data on the business relationships of your competitors, customers, prospects, partners, vendors, and investors to help you identify where you should be dedicating time, money, and energy.

Get the intel you need faster than ever before

  • Stop guessing. Stop Googling. We identify signals about emerging technology and business trends by untangling business relationships data from news articles, company websites, social media, venture capital financing, and more.
  • Our business relationships data tells you exactly where your competitors, partners, and customers are investing, acquiring, and partnering. So you know how to build a strategy with these relationship insights.
  • Visualize and navigate the complex relationships network of investors, companies, and people via interactive graph visualization. See contexts and patterns that are otherwise invisible.
  • As a result, industry intelligence and research have never been easier.

Boost Sales and Marketing efforts for Revenue Acceleration

What are the high-value revenue opportunities for you to capture?

Our platform automatically adds and updates contacts from email communication and calendars to build the organization’s 360° Rolodex. Leverage our automated technology to surface relationships and opportunities you didn’t even know you had and identify thousands of warm introduction paths.

Prospect better. Execute faster. Close more.

  • With Mitibase, you can immediately visualize relationships to identify who’s talked to whom and gain insight into who has the strongest relationship with the company or contact you want to reach.
  • Creating visibility within your organization’s network that cuts through the noise and exposes pathways into new opportunities is essential. Pinpointing easy wins, opening paths of least resistance, and keeping track of where your champions are all helps manage risk and find new revenue.
  • You can discover influencers, doers, investors, and decision-makers in your company’s collective network and use them as door openers. Suddenly every lead becomes a hot one when you can always find someone to give you that warm introduction you need. Moreover, you can put new reps on the fast track to success with a shared corporate Rolodex.
  • You also stay well informed about network risks in the direct vicinity of your leads.

Make your CRM smarter with Relationship Intelligence and Automation

Do you know your next deal is already in your CRM?

You can rely on Mitibase to nurture your existing relationships, surface shared connections, and new opportunities that would otherwise remain buried in your CRM.

Capture institutional relationship capital hidden in individual workflows

  • Save a lot of time by capturing data from your inbox and calendar automatically to get 5-10X more contacts through automation.
  • With Mitibase integration with your CRM, you’ll learn insights into your company’s collective network, so you can find who in your company is connected to a prospect. So you can reach out through a warm introduction instead of a cold email.
  • Additionally, you can source new deals by having comprehensive relationship knowledge of your entire company. Connect with them, start your sales outreach and use existing relationships to get warm introductions.
  • Use profiles data and real-time alerts from Mitibase to get the context and insights you need to prioritize and tailor your conversations

Harness an Exclusive and Vibrant Mitibase Community

What are the key growth takeaways for you while using Mitibase?

Every Mitibase customer gets access to the private Mitibase customer community.
The members of our community create content and resources, and so much more to help each other and become a better version of themselves.

Connect, Join, Learn and Grow.

  • Find support, advice, learn best practices, and make new friends while growing your business
  • Get access to helpful tips, guides, and checklists as you set up Mitibase.
  • Join lively discussions, virtual events, expert interviews, and more with people who are on the same journey as you. Network and build connections with new people and build your brand.

Let’s Illuminate The Unknowns In Your Collective Network