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Reaching the right people, the decision-makers, through your relationship network.

Mapping your organizational network to reach the senior right people to gain meaningful business is important for effective selling. In this video, the co-founder of Coreview Systems speaks about how traditional ways of reaching the customer fall through over time, and how relationship intelligence rectifies that. 

Interview Transcript

After many years of working in the IT industry, we thought that it is the right time to get into business. So, three of us started Coreview in partnership, about 10 years ago. 

When we deal with larger organizations as customers, connecting with just one person is not enough. There are different people at different levels; there are decision-makers, there are influencers, and there are end-users. So, building a relationship with all of them is the key.

Mapping an organization, and identifying all such right people from the same organization, knowing their network, knowing their history, and being able to connect with them, all of that becomes very important in effective selling. And if we get this information at our fingertips when we really need it–that helps us gain new business. 

We have tried mass emailing, and we have tried many other factors and ways of reaching the customer, but most of them just get overwhelming and are not very useful. A lot of your emails just go into junk, nobody looks at them. But if you approach the same person through your network, there is a better chance of establishing a relationship, and then using that relationship to gain meaningful business.

A relationship is a key to the business, and relationship intelligence is a way to establish that relationship in the right way.  And Mitibase is a tool that helped us to do that.

Connect with the right people

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