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Securing the ideal customers and investors through relationship intelligence.

Relationships can become valuable assets. In this video, the co-founder of Glance, talks about his most significant business challenge and how relationship intelligence helped him overcome it. 

Interview Transcript

I am the co-founder of Glance. Glance is a SaaS product that helps other SaaS products convert their contacts into long-term high value customers. 

Being an early-stage company, to get the right people to start using us, we want the right ideal customer profile. The second piece is trying to find the right investor, who understands this pace and who invests in the right stage. All of that is critical for us, at this stage.

Utilising our own network helps to actually make that connection. And the challenge is that it takes a lot of time to even find that right type of customer. What happens is that there is a relationship capital but we cannot utilise it because it is all around. And you always have that feeling that you are sitting on a gold mine but not actually using it.

There are different ways to get the early customers that we’re trying to acquire. But I feel that relationship intelligence is the shortest path. And Mitibase is the obvious choice for it.

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