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Ensuring customer success and recovering customer acquisition costs through relationship intelligence.

Receiving a better ROI is possible through relationships. In this video, the founder of Whizible shares the challenges he faces in his SaaS business and how relationship intelligence helps him overcome them. 

Interview Transcript

Whizible is a platform that enables organizations to institutionalize agile transformations.

Being a SaaS product, a lot of our costs are front-loaded, in terms of development, in terms of sales, and so on.

Then, the challenge for us is to ensure customer success, so that we get the return on the investment we made, and the cost of customer acquisition, as we call it, is repaid to

us in a short period of time.

Your relationships are scattered all over the place. They are in your emails, not just your emails, but the emails that your organization has sent to stakeholders in the past. In your LinkedIn connections, your people’s connections, and other events which you have collected all this information from.

If there was something that could connect all these dots together and point us in the right direction, that would be a marketer’s dream.

At the end of the day, whether you are looking to make a sale or looking to raise money, a relationship is the shortest path to success. We have actually been happy to have found Mitibase, a tool to make this happen, connect all the dots, go straight to the relationship and make results happen fast.

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