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Building deeper relationships to get and repeat business

Businesspersons today have thousands of connections online. But does that really mean having good business relationships? In this video, the co-founder of Coreview Systems reveals the truth about these connections and tells us how relationship intelligence solves the biggest business challenge they face.

Interview Transcript

Coreview is an Off-Shore Product Development company. 

We see the LinkedIn connections of a lot of businessmen, and we probably have a few thousands of connections. First connections–I am not even talking about second and third-level connections–but more the number of connections it’s harder to reach them. 

Good and deep relationships are the real key to getting business and repeating business. It is so important to tap into your relationship network and nurture it further. Yes, I think nurturing it further is equally important. So, it goes–growing it, tapping into the relationship network, and nurturing it.

There may be some small point products here and there, but I think that a concept and a product like Mitibase is just fantastic because it brings everything under one umbrella.

Nurture your business relationships.

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