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Business relationships aren’t just about your partners and funders. Your customer base is a crucial part of it. In this video, the founder of MyTsugi speaks about the challenges of getting to the right customer who actually uses your services. And how relationship intelligence gets you there.  

Interview Transcript

With some 36 years of experience, 23–24 years as a CHRO, I decided to start my own consulting outfit, and it’s called MyTsugi. This consulting outfit actually provides typically strategic HR Consulting services, coaching, mentoring, and development initiatives for people.

The biggest challenge is how to get to the customers, or get to the clients who’ll actually use your services. I’m not able to leverage my entire network to its fullest capacity. And one of the learnings that I have learned about networking in my career is that some of the best opportunities can come in the most unpredictable ways and typically in the most unpredictable places.

The real big problem when it comes to leveraging your network data, is that most of this data is really fragmented. It is diversified, it is remaining in some kinds of silos, and very often we have actually forgotten about some of the most valuable contacts who can get us to the business.

Frankly, there are many tools which are available in the market. Maybe it’s your LinkedIn, old time Rolodex, maybe your Facebook, your emails, and things like that. But as I said, this data is scattered and there’s no platform or no tool to connect the dots. And this has actually been the biggest issue. And I think this is where Mitibase comes in and I think it is a great platform to connect, get the multiplier effect, and grow your business.

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