Automated Relationship Intelligence Playbook

Global Database with business relationships

Use a powerful toolbox for industry intelligence

Mitibase organizes and contextualizes the global relationship data with a self-organizing business graph.

  • Access our comprehensive database of investors, startups, and innovative companies with in-depth profiles and their relationships data
  • Know the network and relationships of every company to understand priorities, strategies, and areas of expansion
  • Enrich your prospects list which you otherwise don’t know exist

Advanced Network Visualization

Visualize the Global Business Social Graph

Develop a narrative around competitor strategy, disruptive trends, and emerging companies by visualizing thousands of relationships among investors, companies, decision-makers, customers, and competitors.

  • Visualize and navigate the complex business relationships network
  • See a variety of relationship contexts and patterns that others don’t
  • Discover paths, indirect relations, complex structures, and cross-connections

Automated Contact Management

Remove the Burden of Data Entry

No one should have to spend their week entering contact and company profiles into their CRM. Mitibase completely automates this process.

  • Capture data from your inbox and calendar automatically
  • Get 5-10X more contacts than your CRM through automation. That’s 5-10X more opportunities to grow revenue without having to lift a finger
  • Free up your over 7 hours each week to spend on prospecting, and winning more deals

Real-time Collective Relationships Management

Connect and Discover an Unknown Universe of Relationships

Connect networks with colleagues across the company to unlock the paths to new possibilities and opportunities. Unify your company’s collective network in one place automatically

  • Instantly see who your colleagues know, right alongside your network
  • Map your direct contacts from LinkedIn, CRM in the Mitibase business social graph to see your direct and extended network of decision-makers
  • Engage people in a shared network with detailed relationship insights

Encircle – Shared Relationship Web

Extend and Share Your Network

Mitibase Encircle is the most effective way to connect and share networks with close partners and allies. Discover paths to new possibilities.

  • Share complete networks across all key partners and allies
  • Easily manage sharing of connections with relevant people or teams
  • Truly discover and operationalize your executive network


Access Relationship Insights Where You Prospect

The Mitibase Chrome extension provides relationship intelligence directly on the websites you prospect and research.

  • Instantly see your connections and relations to the company you are researching
  • Understand the context, strength, and metadata of your connections to the prospect
  • Figure out steps to outreach without any need to switch app

Salesforce Integrations

Increase your Sales success with Mitibase Experience for Salesforce

You can rely on Mitibase to nurture your existing relationships, surface shared connections and new opportunities that would otherwise remain buried in your Salesforce CRM.

  • Turn your contact records into rich profiles by viewing Mitibase data and insights directly within Salesforce
  • Uncover the best way to get introduced through your and your team’s network
  • Source new deals by having comprehensive relationship knowledge of your company at your fingertip

API and Data Licensing

Do more with Mitibase data and business graph

Integrate data about startups, companies, investors, business relationships, and more right into your applications and systems

  • Build stickier products with our company, people, and relationships information to drive a better in-product customer experience
  • Mitibase does the heavy lifting of finding, validating, and keeping the data up-to-date so you don’t have to
  • Simply connect your database through our API for unlimited access to select features of the Mitibase database


Access an exclusive and vibrant community of Mitibase customers

Find support, advice, learn best practices, and make new friends while growing your business

  • Get access to helpful tips, guides, and checklists as you set up Mitibase
  • Lively discussions, posts, expert interviews, and ideas shared from people who are on the same journey as you.
  • Network and build connections with others and get help along the way

Let’s Illuminate The Unknowns In Your Collective Network