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The Problem

Before Mitibase, a US-based venture capital firm sourced introductions and references for portfolio companies by manually exchanging their names and spreadsheets over email chains. The process was tedious and inefficient, and they could not fulfill all the requests optimally.

This droves this VC firm to find a software tool that would make this process simple and easy. Their two core needs for this software were:

  • Maximizing the number of useful warm introductions and referrals given to portfolio companies.
  • Minimizing the manual work their operations team spent sifting through and handling introduction requests.


Introduction paths to new prospects created by Mitibase platform

The Solution

According to the general partner, he and his investment team leaned on Mitibase to help discover and organize their collective network and empower their portfolio companies. Mitibase’s AI could instantly surface 13,479 introduction paths to new prospects in sales, business development, partnerships, hiring, and fundraising that they could share with their 21 B2B portfolio companies. With Mitibase, this VC firm is contributing its collective network to help its portfolio companies succeed.

Mitibase has given us new ways to turn our collective network into new opportunities and possibilities for our portfolio startups.

– General Partner, A US-based venture capital firm