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Globally, successful investment bankers recognise the power of customer relationships in driving business. However, many do not have the time to dig up a shared connection,  who can also be a prospective client. So how can they capitalise from the relationships they have built? The answer is simple – a platform that can enrich their lists of prospects, highlighting the strongest yet quickest path to a decision maker. 

They need relationship intelligence!

Access to data stored in a centralised location

There is no shortage of data, but what they require is access to different types of data right at their finger-tips. Not only do they need access to information that they have collected directly from individuals and organisations, but they also need access to information from marketplaces and other aggregated sources such as media mentions, funding announcements, newsletters, etc. 

Investment bankers need to know what is happening in the market and in real-time. The data captured via a relationship intelligence platform can offer them insights on relationships that can have a direct impact on their revenue growth and market share. It enables them to make decisions proactively, and also direct their attention to new deals and emerging lines of business. 

Relationship intelligence data not only helps them be productive, but can also be leveraged to detect early signs of slippage and fluctuations in the market.

Intelligent Deal Sourcing

Investment bankers find deal sourcing can be a very daunting task. It is almost impossible to predict the right time to engage with prospective clients. Their decision making process usually involves crunching lots of quantitative data along with qualitative data derived from CRM systems and other analytical tools, which can be extremely time consuming. 

Using the power of AI, investment bankers can not only analyse quantitative data but also qualitative data such as market needs, surveys, etc. and rank prospective clients according to the value they generate. 

With relationship intelligence, they can parse through deal history, account history, call notes, and other related data to determine the possibility of closing a deal on time. These insights can help investment bankers stay focused on the most critical transactions they are working on, providing them with related information as they progress through the deal cycle.

They can also receive intel on potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities with existing clients. 

Leverage network to generate revenues

It’s not about who they know but being aware of who is in their relationship network, anticipating their needs, and identifying new opportunities. A relationship intelligence platform can simplify the process of breaking down the data and deliver actionable intelligence. Having real-time data streams can be a key differentiating factor when seeking new business pursuits.

Post-pandemic, investment bankers were forced to evolve their engagement strategies. They began to think more deeply about referrals, tapping into their network for sourcing more deals, and relying on ‘predictive’ analytics for closing deals faster.

Reduce the time to close a deal

With relationship intelligence, their ability to leverage warm introductions, manage relationships effectively, and target the right contacts can reduce the prospecting time, and close deals faster. 

Grow your market presence

For winning new deals or finding investors, prospective clients first need to know you. Building strong relationships and reinforcing existing relationships is key to ensure your network is aware of your services and the value you can provide. In turn, this can also bring in high-quality business.

Keep your pipeline full

Your network is your most valuable asset and knowing how to leverage your network can increase the number and quality of deals that cross your desk. It also increases the probability of finding qualified prospects faster with almost no effort. A relationship intelligence platform can make it happen easier by organising your data, tracking metrics and progress, and aggregating the information you need in one central location. Thus enabling you to become a competitive player in the investment banking space.

Get started with Mitibase

The dynamics of marketplaces today are complex. Without the right tool and technology at their disposal, investment bankers can find customer identification tedious, due diligence to be much slower and closing a deal is much more difficult. 

Mitibase’s platform can enable investment bankers to track buying signals and changes taking place in the market, and discover and develop new relationships. 

To know more about Mitibase and how relationship intelligence can help in building your competitive advantage, request a demo from our team!

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