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If you are in the SaaS industry, having actionable insights to drive growth is a key advantage.
For any SaaS company to grow, It is essential for it to attract right-fit customers . In this context,
developing a successful customer acquisition strategy is incredibly important.

AI-powered tools are shaping the way businesses and customers interact with each other, and
can prove to be critical for the success of SaaS companies. Cutting edge technologies like
relationship intelligence can be a real game changer. It can set your SaaS business apart from
your competitors.

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Customer Data

With each customer interaction comes new behavioral data. Every time a customer clicks an ad,
cancels their subscription, or provides feedback, etc. all of these becomes valuable data for you.
The problem isn’t the lack of information but the surplus of it. With so much data from disparate
sources, it’s hard for you to draw connections or any actionable insights.

Relationship intelligence solves this problem by doing three things:
● Stores your customer data in a single location.
● Converts data into visual graphs to help you see the trends more clearly.
● Shows you the connections in different data types on dashboards so that you don’t have
to spend hours figuring out the nature of the relationship.

Improve Productivity

Relationship intelligence acts as a single source of truth and breaks down the silos while making
data available to your entire organization. The silos can otherwise act as a significant barrier to
collaboration and prevent you from getting a clearer view of your customer’s journey.

This transparency is vital for overall productivity levels, because departments aren’t
independent of each other. For e.g., Marketing’s actions affect the number of leads acquired by
sales, and the quality of leads affects the performance of customer service.

Reduce Your Customer Acquisition Costs

By harnessing the full power of AI, relationship intelligence platforms can provide you with the
knowledge of different customer types and add a predictive element to help guide customer

interactions going forward. The platform provides you actionable insights that are accurate and

Thanks to accessible data, an organization that has the complete picture of customers and
leads, can focus on leads that are most likely to convert, and proactively anticipate and mitigate
signs of customer churn. It can help you to make data-driven decisions that can improve your
business strategies.

Increase Customer Retention

If a business can provide its customers with exactly what they want, then they are less likely to
leave for its competitors.

Relationship intelligence can save you the immense work of sifting through the history of each
existing customer to discover their preferences. It provides you with a better understanding
about your current customers and helps you focus the majority of your strategy on retention, not

With frequent analysis of your customers touchpoints and other data points, relationship intelligence
platforms can predict the strength of your relationship. Small nudges about customer sentiment can
help you refocus your efforts so you have better customer retention.

Why Choose Mitibase?

Customers have different expectations from the businesses these days. They want to feel a
personal connection with the companies they do business with. Ultimately, the SaaS companies
that foster strong strategic relationships with their customers are the ones that will rise above
the rest .

This requires you to think outside the box!

Mitibase is a relationship intelligence platform that uses AI and automation to take mundane
data entry and management tasks away from decision makers, and arm them with insights into
their business relationships maps. The platform not only makes the connections they need
faster, but helps them to keep an eye on their existing relationships. It does this by giving them
a deeper insight of who knows who, and how well in their organization’s collective network.
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