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Every deal begins with a relationship! But by the time you’ve built a relationship with a
customer, their preferences and needs might have changed. Competition is also getting
stiffer by the day and businesses try to outdo each other in an effort to expand their market
share, boost sales, and grow their bottom line.
In such a competitive market, you could ask if the time and effort spent in building
relationships really justified ? 
Today, data is what drives sales. Without recording data at different customer touchpoints,
your CRMs will not reveal valuable intel such as how are your customers interacting with
your service/ product, if their problem is solved, are they able to find value beyond what they
required, etc. And mining such critical data can be a tedious task even for the most
experienced sales personnel.
Luckily, there’s a solution to this — Relationship Intelligence!

Relationship Intelligence is the push you need

Relationship intelligence has revolutionised the way we use data to refine, and execute sales
strategies and marketing campaigns that deliver real results.
Relationship Intelligence gathers and produces actionable insights based on your network
and interaction with clients, colleagues, partners, and investors. The data is sourced and
collected from email communications, call records, calendars, meetings, etc. and is
processed through an intelligence platform powered by AI and automation.
This data’s output allows sales reps to understand their clients’ habits and activities, and
assists them in the decision-making process. 

Boost your sales using AI

A case study showed how a company increased its revenue by nearly $500K with the help of
relationship intelligence. The deal was closed within three months instead of the typical 12-
18 months.
How did the AI-powered relationship intelligence platform help the firm?

  1. Opportunities revealed more effectively:
    Sales and business development professionals seek strategic guidance and
    information to save time, help them close deals faster, and generate more revenue.
    They need to access multiple platforms for collating necessary data, which can be
    quite time-consuming and counterproductive, and can also make it very confusing for
    sales reps to understand how and where they need to be spending their time.
    This is where relationship intelligence comes in. The platform collects, analyzes and
    interprets data from multiple sources and uses relationship mapping to provide its
    users with actionable insights. This information is invaluable in deciding who to
    contact, when to contact them, and how to strengthen your relationship.
  2. Sales teams were enabled to develop personalised campaigns and pitches:
    With a centralised platform for managing your data, the time and effort spent by your teams
    in researching their prospects and validating the information can be significantly reduced.
    They can ditch the ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy, create personalised campaigns and pitches
    that can resonate better with your target group and eventually boost your sales.
  3. Reach new customers before everyone else:
    With the right set of information about your prospects, you can react faster to their needs
    and preferences and with customised content. This can help you gain a competitive
    advantage, and helps in positioning your services/ products strategically.
  4. Keep tabs on relationships:
    Acquiring new customers is a tedious task, and the costs associated with it are often high. It
    is more cost efficient to strengthen existing relationships. Unfortunately, many organisations
    fail to invest in maintaining relationships with existing customers and minimise potential
    churn rate.
    Here again relationship intelligence mapping and insights can help  spot gaps immediately
    and detect potentially at-risk client relationships. You will be able to take proactive steps to
    ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. 
    The platform also captures the history of interactions made with each customer.
    Whenyour team is equipped with this information on their fingertips, it can shorten the
    sales cycles.

Mitibase: Your shortest path to greater revenues

In today’s market, it’s more important than ever to find the right deal at the right time. With
relationship intelligence, deal sourcing is easier than ever before. Mitibase employs
relationship intelligence which discovers and delivers opportunities based on what your
company needs. The platform will help direct your sales and marketing efforts to potential
prospects that are a good fit for your business.
Interested in learning how Mitibase can help your team? Request a demo today!

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