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Sales reps need guidance and next best actions that ensure they are always moving the right deals forward. But how can sales reps up their game to thrive in this tech-savvy era? The answer, of course, is they need data.

About 70% of the sales rep admit that they do not enter the information of their prospects and customers in a CRM. And those who do, waste countless hours per week manually entering data. Additionally, without a “single source of truth,” a company can miss out on valuable customer insights.

These are only some of the common revenue challenges faced by organizations across the globe. This is why firms need to bid adieu to manual data entry and analysis and say hello to insights derived from AI-backed data.

In this blog, we discuss one such technology that transforms your sales reps into becoming sales superstars by leveraging AI — relationship intelligence! Without a holistic, data-driven approach towards revenue growth, it’s impossible to place the right organizational structures and strategies in place.

Predictable Revenue

Businesses can use AI-driven tools for predicting future sales with greater accuracy. Currently, forecasts are often based on incomplete data, or worse, gut instinct, both of which pose potential risks. With predictive AI insights, buying signals and historical sales numbers can be analyzed. This information can be critical for businesses for determining their revenue growth, and for creating adaptive forecasts based on multiple scenarios and reaching their bigger goals.

Total Visibility

Gone are the days where your team needed to aggregate large quantities of data manually. Unlike traditional CRMs, a revenue intelligence platform integrates data into a centralized location and provides sales reps with access to essential data. This enables them to keep track of potential customers and existing ones, and communicate better with the help of advanced real-time data sets. Revenue intelligence thus becomes the single source of truth for your sales team. 

Accurate Forecasting

If there is one thing your sales reps dread the most, it has to be sales forecasting. How can they predict future sales when they have no visibility into what’s actually happening? Making educated guesses can potentially backfire.

With AI-backed insights, your sales team can explore the length and breadth of the data and uncover the latest revenue trends. Bear in mind that revenue intelligence is not a data collection tool. With the help of a revenue intelligence, your sales reps can unlock the full potential of the existing data.

Shortened Sales Cycle

With the help of intelligent, real-time insights around sales and revenues can help refine your sales process and shorten your sales cycle. A shortened sales cycle enables businesses to move more leads through the pipeline, make a higher volume of sales, and ultimately earn more revenue. Additionally, your sales reps can quickly track pipeline changes and identify concerns before it’s too late. 

Choosing the right platform, choosing Mitibase

First, you want your platform to have high integration abilities with your CRM or any other tools you use to manage the sales pipeline, and thereby your revenue streams. The platform should provide real-time insights on your pipeline, forecasting and team’s performance. Second, the platform should be able to guide your sales rep with visual dashboards and real-time alerts.

Ready to take your revenue strategy to the next level with revenue intelligence? Mitibase’s relationship intelligence platform can enable your team to build meaningful customer relationships and to keep track of more leads in the pipeline without overloading themselves with manual tasks. 

Learn more about Mitibase and how it can help you derive actionable revenue insights from customer conversations to accelerate deals, and boost your ROI. Empower your sales team to drive business forward and scale higher revenues.

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