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The Problem

Before Mitibase, a premier Indian industry body and technology research organization had been doing industry and technology research with manual efforts. Their research analysts spend hours every month to get insights and ideas about technology shifts, disruptive trends, industry consolidation and emerging companies by mapping thousands of relationships among investors, companies, decision-makers, and institutions. Unfortunately, this analysis was often ad-hoc, slow, incomplete, and largely manual because this network data is massive, scattered, not intelligently linked, and not easily retrievable. So constantly staying on top of all the data remained a key challenge for them. This forces this industry body to find a software tool that would make this process efficient and easy. Their two core needs were:

  • Interactive network view of interconnections between organizations, institutions, and decision-makers and makes them visible and usable in a simple, fast, and structured manner.
  • Minimizing the manual work their research team spent sifting through data

> 40%

of man-hours saved for every research analyst due to Mitibase platform

The Solution

According to their Vice President (Research), she and her team depend on Mitibase to to track investors, startups, and innovative companies with relationship intelligence. Mitibase’s AI was able to surface clusters of business relationships coalescing around a new and nascent technology or business model to reveal emerging trends. Mitibase reveal complete view of the network ecosystem and relationships of any company for traction, due diligence, and investment purpose. With its whole research team on Mitibase, this industry body now saves more than 40% of their manual research hours.

Mitibase has become a daily tool in our workflow. I get a richness of data that didn’t exist before. Mitibase is a massive time saver and enables us to be super-efficient.

– Vice President (Research), an Indian industry body and technology research

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