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    Harness Organization’s Collective Network

    Mitibase captures and organizes your team’s relationships data automatically pulled from email communications and calendars. Instantly see whom they know, right alongside your network and engage the right connections in a shared network with detailed relationship insights

    Build your Decision-Makers Rolodex

    Map your direct contacts from LinkedIn, email, CRM and label them in the Mitibase Business Social Graph. See your direct and extended network of decision-makers and companies you are connected to.

    Explore Global business relationships Network

    Visualize and navigate the complex relationships network of investors, companies, and people via interactive graph visualization. See contexts and patterns that are otherwise invisible.

    Predict emerging trends

    We identify signals about emerging technology and business trends by untangling business relationships data from news articles, company websites, social media, venture capital financing, and more.

    See competitors’ playbooks.

    With data on your competitor’s investments, acquisitions, partnerships, and alliances, Mitibase uncovers their actual strategy. As a result, competitive intelligence and research have never been easier.

    Reduce data janitor work

    Spend less time doing Google searches, exploring documents and spreadsheets, and more time doing analysis. Mitibase’s data and advanced visualizations help you tell the story quickly and persuasively.

    National Centre of Excellence (NCoE) is a joint initiative of DSCI and MeitY for accelerating cybersecurity technology development in the country. Mitibase Technologies have been helping NCoE with their technology for building Intelligent Utilities and Reports. Their technology is enabling our startups and academia partners with intelligent information about the connectedness in the global cybersecurity industry, its investment ecosystem and creating a network of cybersecurity researchers at one place. We are glad to partner with Mitibase Technologies for making India a hub for cybersecurity innovation.

    Vinayak Godse
    Senior Vice President at Data Security Council of India