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AI is no longer a buzzword. Many of us are already using it to make our lives more efficient, and now you can use AI to help achieve your sales and marketing goals.

The expectations from sales and marketing teams are higher than ever before. As the B2B world gets more complex, sales teams are required to make better decisions and swiftly. Further in today’s digital world, buyers conduct exhaustive research before meeting with sellers. In some cases, they prefer not to meet with a seller at all. 

Managing customer expectations and relationships with AI-assisted tech is emerging as a practical answer for many of the challenges faced by sales leaders, and B2B organisations are understanding the value of investing in these technologies to drive their revenue. They need access to a rich set of data for guiding them through prospecting.

AI-driven technology like relationship intelligence, can eliminate time-consuming tasks that are dealt by sales teams on a daily basis. By optimising processes, sales teams can determine which group of customers can be targeted to meet their goals. 

Actionable Insights for your Sales Team

Obtaining reliable customer data is vital for salespeople’s success. But in the digital age, our relevant data is scattered and largely unstructured.

By leveraging the power of AI, relationship intelligence platforms can provide tangible benefits for sales teams across all sectors. These platforms can analyse large data sets and use their advanced computational power to extract insights that can be used to make informed decisions. 

For example, through guided selling, sales reps can create automated yet personalised responses for potential clients. AI-driven platforms can also integrate with a CRM and leverage the existing information to show the next step action to be taken, and multiply its effectiveness. 

Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is one of the most critical factors determining long-term business growth. Not only does the process consume a significant amount of time of your sales team, but most companies struggle to forecast accurately. To reduce the margin of error, the sales team requires real-time data sets that are complete and accurate. With automated, real-time insights from the relationship intelligence platform, sales teams can uncover new trends in the data that may have previously gone unnoticed.

Along with improving sales forecasting, the platform also improves visibility throughout the company but getting data out of silos. Sales teams can now view information from other parts of the company. By utilising the available relationship data, leaders can effectively chalk out a strategy  by knowing how effectively their team is building relationships with key decision-makers.

Lead Scoring and Prioritisation

With the availability of AI-driven tools and automation, relying on cold-calling to find leads is the most ineffective approach. More and more companies are going beyond their traditional CRM and using predictive AI to drive accurate forecasts, replace at-risk deals with upside deals, and accelerate revenue growth.

With relationship intelligence, sales teams can score leads based on different factors. They can compile historical information about a client and a salesperson’s interaction history, and rank the opportunities or leads in the pipeline according to their chances of closing. The increased chance of closing a deal results in an increase in the time saved and revenue streams.

Embrace the potential of Mitibase

The business of sales is changing. Those relying on traditional approaches will be left behind, while those adopting emerging technologies will be able to drive greater revenues. 

With Mitibase, sales teams can use real-time relationship mapping and scoring to quickly and easily identify the most relevant new prospects, and access a single-source of truth to take the guesswork out while prospecting.

From tracking multiple sales touch points to reaching out to more qualified prospects, Mitibase enables you to build a pipeline faster , freeing your team to focus more time and resources in building meaningful relationships.

To learn more about Mitibase’s AI-powered platform, get in touch with us. 

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