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In conversation with Sawan Brahmbhatt and Ajay Deshmukh, co-founders of Acumna Consulting.

Identifying opportunities in the organization’s collective network.

Finding new revenue opportunities through your organization’s collective network is a game-changer. In this video, the co-founders of Acumna Consulting speak about how being a young organization limits its reach, and how relationship intelligence solves that problem.

Interview Transcript

Acumna is a young organization, offering salesforce consulting and implementation services. So, we typically work with fast-growing & mid-sized companies. Typical solutions are sales cloud, service cloud, and communities. We also focus on verticals like manufacturing as well as high-tech industries.

We have not even reached the network of the entire organization, and that’s something that’s really making things difficult for us at this point in time. Considering that we are a young organization, we don’t have the might of a hunter sales team that other organizations have. So essentially, we rely on our own network as well as our employees’ network–the collective network–which can go and take us to newer opportunities.

In pursuing sales, we have tried multiple options like digital marketing, reaching out to channel partners, and other partners. But, the most effective way that we have found is tapping into our own network.

There are a lot of techniques, methodologies, and tools which are available out there in the market. Based on our experience, what we have seen is that harnessing relationship intelligence (through Mitibase’s platform) gives us the shortest path to meet these goals.

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